Greetings 5th Grade Families!

We have just wrapped up the first case study of our 6th Mass Extinction Expedition: Biodiversity! What is it, and why is it important?

We investigated this important question by first zooming out to look at what we know about healthy environments and ecosystems, and then zooming in to look at biodiversity on a microscopic level.

We reviewed the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates, and then looked more closely at the different types of vertebrates by studying their characteristics. A highlight of this exploration was the day we chose a vertebrate to study and represent through scratch art!

Try asking your student these fun trivia questions from our case study 🙂
– What is the difference between a viviparous and oviparous vertebrate?
– What is an equation that represents the process of photosynthesis?
– What are two things a plant cell has that an animal cell does not? What do they do for the plant cell?
– What is a Punnett square? How does it work?
– What is the difference between an adaptation and an inherited trait?

Next up… we’ll be kicking off our second case study: How do we (humans) directly and indirectly affect biodiversity.


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