plant growing in soil Join Palouse Prairie Middle School students at a special 11 a.m. Lunch and Learn on Thursday, Nov. 21, in […]
This week, the 7th Graders explored Headwaters Trail. It’s one of Moscow Mountain’s most famous trails both for its accessibility […]
Hi all! I have some fun and exciting news about the work we’ve been doing with the Conversation Partner Program […]
This week in first grade we have been working on measuring in non-standard units. We have measured just about everything […]
We had a wonderful week in Second Grade and hope that you did too! Here are a few of our […]
Kindergarten is hard at work learning how to be Crew through play. Each student is embracing the habits of crew […]
Hi all! Welcome to the updated location for your latest and greatest in 5th grade news! We’d like to start […]
The 8th grade crew explored Feather Creek Trail on Friday, November 8th. We hiked a five mile loop with some […]