plant growing in soil

Join Palouse Prairie Middle School students at a special 11 a.m. Lunch and Learn on Thursday, Nov. 21, in the IRIC Atrium. The difference between high-yielding and low-yielding crops often comes down to the soil they are grown in. The level of biological activity in the soil is a particularly important factor. Improving degraded soil is a key practice in promoting plant growth and microbial activity. In a collaboration with Assistant Professor Michael Strickland and colleagues in his lab, seventh-graders at Palouse Prairie Charter School examined the importance of soil and the potential for improving it.

For three months, they conducted experiments, manipulating compost and cover crop treatments and tracking various soil characteristics to study soil improvement. On Thursday, the students will share the results of their research and discuss the impact of this important learning expedition. IRIC Lunch and Learn presentations allow students, faculty and staff to share and cross-pollinate ideas in a fun and informal lunchtime setting. All are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion. This event is available to watch via Zoom.


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