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plant growing in soil Join Palouse Prairie Middle School students at a special 11 a.m. Lunch and Learn on Thursday, Nov. 21, in the IRIC Atrium. The difference between high-yielding and low-yielding crops often comes down to the soil they are grown in. The level of biological activity in […]
This week, the 7th Graders explored Headwaters Trail. It’s one of Moscow Mountain’s most famous trails both for its accessibility and beauty. The crew hiked through sweeping banks of fog that hid rays of sun, which escaped through to the forest floor from time to time. […]
Hi all!I have some fun and exciting news about the work we’ve been doing with the Conversation Partner Program at the University! Next week is International Education Week at UI, and we’ve been invited to display the memoirs we’ve been writing with our exchange student partners. […]
This week in first grade we have been working on measuring in non-standard units. We have measured just about everything in our classroom and yesterday we measured our own heights in various units. We had giant feet, baby feet, popsicle sticks, glue sticks, paper clips, tiles, […]
We had a wonderful week in Second Grade and hope that you did too! Here are a few of our Learning Targets (LT) from the week and a little about what we did.   Morning Meeting: LT: I can reflect on my learning. Students read the […]
Kindergarten is hard at work learning how to be Crew through play. Each student is embracing the habits of crew while learning about their own and each other’s play preferences. Favorite toys are Lincoln Logs, blocks, Legos, clay, and coloring. Ask your child about their preferred […]

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