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On this page, you will find Wellness resources including:  PPCS’s Wellness Policy, Wellness Committee updates, Health Lunch and Snack ideas, and Farm-to-School, Nutrition and Healthy, Active Living resources and links.

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PPCS Wellness Policy

The Palouse Prairie Charter School Wellness Policy draws from model Wellness Policies developed by reputable educational and health consortium’s who work closely with exemplary state programs and local school districts around the country.  In developing this policy, the Wellness Committee’s first priority is to promote children’s health and well-being. The following are basic principles upon which the Palouse Prairie School Wellness Policy is established:

  • Healthy children are the foundation of a healthy society.
  • Healthy, well-nourished children are better able to learn.
  • Healthy habits in childhood will affect life long health.
  • Healthy communities promote health conscious students.
  • Healthy environment provides a safe place to learn and grow.

PPCS Wellness Policy (#8200)
PPCS Wellness Committee (#8210)

The PPCS Wellness Committee works with the School Director and staff to assess PPCS’s progress in achieving goals laid out in our Wellness Policy.  Click below to see the outcomes of our Wellness Policy Assessments.

2011 Wellness Policy Assessment
2012 Wellness Policy Assessment
2014 Wellness Policy Assessment
2017 Wellness Policy Assessment
2018 Wellness Policy Assessment
2019 Wellness Policy Assessment
2023 Wellness Policy Assessment

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch & Snack Ideas
10 Tips for Packing a Healthy Lunch
Fun & Healthy Food for Packed Lunches
Quick Picks for a Healthy Lunch
Lunch Prep & Packing Tips

Wellness Resources

National Farm-to-School Network
Farm to school empowers children and their families to make informed food choices while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities. NFSN provides vision, leadership and support at the state, regional and national levels to connect and expand the farm to school movement, which has grown from a handful of schools in the late 1990s to approximately 40,000 schools in all 50 states as of 2012.

Idaho Farm to School Website
The State Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs and the Idaho Preferred Program supports Farm to School Programs in the State of Idaho. Farm to School Programs are growing in Idaho, several schools throughout the state participate in this program.  The Moscow School District, PPCS’s current lunch provider, participates in the Idaho Farm to School program.

Idaho Physical Activity and Nutrition Program
The Idaho Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) program is funded through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Idaho state general funds to effect changes that have a positive impact on the health of Idahoans. Through a diverse array of partnerships, IPAN focuses on strategies and practices that make healthy eating and active living the easy choice in all Idaho communities. IPAN collaborates with the State Department of Education to improve the comprehensive nutrition environment in schools, as well as physical education and physical activity practices and policies.