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Lunch Information

All Students $3.75
Milk $0.40
Adults $5.50

Lunches are ordered each morning by 9am. Please let the office know if your student(s) will be late, but will need a lunch ordered for them. Call 208-882-3684, or email us.

Request for Special Meals and/or Accommodations

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications
Free and Reduced Lunch Application for the 2019-20 school year.
Instructions for application.

If you are eligible, please fill out a form and turn it in to the office with your enrollment paperwork. This form needs to be turned in every year to receive free or reduced lunches. If your family is eligible and will not use the lunch services please complete a form anyway, as grants and funding use data about lunch status and the school needs current numbers. Detailed information from this form is confidential.