Picking Up and Dropping off Students

Please arrive at the school by turning west onto W. Lathen St (at the south end of the block), then turn right onto Levick St. and approach the school from the south. Stop along the curb to allow a PPCS staff person to help students out of or into the car. Please have students sit on the curb side of the vehicle so that there is no need for students to walk in the street.
Parking is limited at PPCS. If you must park, please park on the street so that the PPCS staff can park in the lot. No parking is allowed on the east side of the street directly in front of the school or its parking area. Please be respectful of our neighbors by not parking in their lots or blocking their mail boxes.

Important Update – Moscow Middle School Bus Transfer Location

Parents are not allowed to pick up their children at the Moscow Middle School after school. Please pick your children up from Palouse Prairie rather than from the middle school transfer location. This message is from MSD Superintendent Bailey: “The standard transportation rule for the school district is that the bus transfer location located at Moscow Middle School is designated only as a transfer spot where students are transferred from the bus that picked them up from their school to the bus that will drop them off at their designated bus stop.” PPCS is working with the district on a new drop off location for students who planned to walk home from the middle school bus transfer location. Only students who are transferring to another bus or attending events at the middle school may ride the bus to the middle school transfer location.

Palouse Prairie School Walk, Bike, or Share a Ride to School

What resources are available to PPCS students wishing to walk or bike to school?
Please contact Safe Routes to School, a local non-profit program dedicated to human powered transportation to school.

How do we connect with other families willing to ride share or carpool?

Its always a good idea to ask around at one of our community events, or please contact the main office. We are willing to try and build family relationships and may be able to connect families commuting from the same area of town or beyond.

Palouse Prairie School Bus Transportation

PPCS purchases busing services from Moscow School District. This contract allows our students to utilize the MSD Transportation System.

What does that mean to your student?
Your student can get on a Moscow School Bus at the nearest stop, ride the bus to the transfer area at Moscow Middle School, and then hop on the bus to PPCS. On the return trip, the students would take the PPCS bus back to Moscow Middle School to connect to their bus route.

What kind of supervision is provided?
PPCS has a teacher assistant who will be at Moscow Middle School in the morning and afternoon to supervise students and make sure all students make their connections.

How much does this cost?
This service is free to families. It does cost PPCS roughly $29 a month for each student who rides the bus. So we do ask that families consider other options such as walking, biking or carpooling to school as a cost saving measure. If interested in these options, please consider connecting with Safe Routes to School a local organization dedicated to helping students find safe ways to commute to school each day.

How do I sign my child up?
To sign your student up to use the bus system, please contact the Moscow School District Bus Barn at (208)882-3933. They will help you identify your students bus route, and they will put you on their rider lists. Then contact PPCS to sign up for the PPCS bus. This helps us track students using the busing system, create our emergency contact roster, and determine our payments to Moscow School District.

Can my Kindergarten student test ride the bus before school starts?
There is a Parent Ride Day for kindergarten families before the first day of school. Please contact the Moscow School District Bus Barn at (208)882-3933 for more information.

Who is our PPCS contact for questions about the Busing System?
Feel Free to call the school at (208) 882-3684 to speak to the office staff about busing. If they can not answer your question, they will pass you on to the Director of Operations.