Classroom Teacher – Palouse Prairie Charter School (Moscow)

POSITION TITLE: Classroom Teacher     REPORTS TO: Executive Director 

Teachers work with colleagues and other staff to design, implement, and support the educational program of Palouse Prairie School in a manner that is true to the principles of EL Education the mission and vision of the school.

1. Curriculum: Design, develop, document, and evaluate two semester-long learning expeditions as well as literacy and math curricula each year. Utilize Core State Standards for literacy and mathematics as well as Idaho/National Standards for science and social studies through projects, products, and guiding questions;

  • Craft expeditions around compelling topics that are rich in content. Topics are linked to projects that motivate students to become experts, to understand the big ideas in their respective content area, and to develop strong inquiry skills. 
  • Use guiding questions to drive inquiry within the expedition and include the use of fieldwork, experts, and service.
  • Plan Case Studies to animate the major concepts of a discipline or broad topic through concrete -often local- studies of subtopics within the discipline.
  • Design Projects & Products – skills-rich projects that result in high quality products or performances for audiences beyond the classroom are designed to motivate and demonstrate student understanding of expedition content and skills.
  • Fully document expeditions and other learning experiences for future use, including clear alignment to standards, learning targets, and assessment.

2. Instruction: Deliver lessons that have explicit purpose and are guided by learning targets for which students take ownership and responsibility. Clearly articulate specific learning goals in student friendly language, employ strategies to scaffold learning so that all students make progress, and regularly check the understanding of each student through formative and summative assessment strategies

  • Differentiate Instruction – Proactively plan to meet students’ varied needs based upon ongoing assessment
  • Create a culture of reading – including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development, and an array of comprehension strategies.
  • Mathematics – rigor and integrity in discrete math classes, also integrated into projects, case studies, and expeditions whenever possible. Instruction should focus on foundational facts that are grounded in conceptual understanding.
  • Create multiple opportunities for students to engage in complex, problem based activities, labs, and investigations, and to represent and analyze data.
  • Emphasize the enduring themes or big ideas of social studies, often focusing on engaging social issues, cultural diversity, and social justice

3. Assessment: Embrace the power of student-engaged assessment practices to build student ownership of learning, focus students on reading standards-based learning targets, and drive achievement. 

4. Culture and Character: Incorporate structures and traditions such as C.R.E.W. community meetings, exhibitions of student work, and service learning to ensure that every student is known and cared for, that student leadership is nurtured, and that contributions to the school and world are celebrated

5. Professionalism & School Leadership: Participate in a strong professional culture that is sustained via collective leadership and action.

Supervises students and classroom aids, paraprofessionals, or volunteers. 

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions

Bachelor’s degree in Education, current Idaho Teaching Certificate. 
Preferable: Master’s degree in Education or related field
Must pass a criminal background check

Performance of this job shall be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the board’s policy on evaluation of certified personnel. 

Compensation: Based on experience and education
Employment type: full-time 

Please send resume and cover letter to Jeneille Branen,

Teaching and Learning Specialist

Purpose Statement

The Teaching and Learning Specialist position is an exciting new position at Palouse Prairie Charter School.  This position will work collaboratively with the Executive Director to successfully implement the core practices set by the EL Education model. 

Palouse Prairie Charter School’s EL Education model’s definition of student achievement combines academic achievement, character, and high-quality work. We believe that academic success is built on strong character. The character qualities of compassion, respect, engagement and welcoming are shaped through challenging academic work. The Teaching and Learning Specialist position will assist in the overall administration of the school that ensures Palouse Prairie is fulfilling the school’s mission and vision.   

Essential Functions:

Leadership Skills:

  • Support the Executive Director in frequent walkthroughs and instructional observations.
  • Support teaching staff  in meeting Palouse Prairie’s  EL Work Plan goals and student learning goals.
  • Facilitate Professional Development along with Executive Director and EL School Designer.
  • Serve as the RTI coordinator.
  • Ensure equitable instruction is delivered in all classrooms.
  • Along with Executive Director and the Instructional Leadership Team, maintain a strong relationship with the EL Education network.

School/Organization Culture:

  • Believe in high accountability and collaboration.
  • Comfortable with both individual and group decision-making.
  • Support the Executive Director and teachers in overseeing disciplinary interventions.
  • Communicate and collaborate with families regarding disciplinary interventions.
  • Conduct formal investigations based on student, parent and adult inquiries related to school culture, discipline, and incidents.
  • Serve as the family outreach coordinator, including collaborating with the Parent CREW facilitate EL 101.
  • Maintain systems for collecting and tracking data on school culture metrics, including discipline and attendance.

Administrative and Operational Oversight:

  • Collaborate with the Executive Director in the overall administration of the school with the understanding that the Executive Director  has the final decision-making ability. 
  • Work with the Education Director in developing and supporting new staff members.  
  • Testing coordination.
  • Support the Executive Director with overseeing Federal Programs.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director in all organization aspects i.e. technology needs, calendar development, budgeting, planning and executing school-wide events. 
  • Serve as the Grant Coordinator.
  • Support the Executive Director in other responsibilities as needed.  


  • Master’s Degree in education.
  • Experience in leadership
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills with students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Effective and straightforward communication with the Executive Director, Instructional Leadership Team, and EL School Designer about issues and concerns.
  • Knowledge of how to engage the adult learner.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of K-8 Common Core State Standards and  Idaho Core Standards.
  • Knowledge of current, research-based instructional strategies and assessment practices.
  • Preferred candidates will have at least five years of classroom experience in an EL Education school.

Palouse Prairie Charter School may be a good fit for you if you:

  1. Flourish in a collaborative environment that deems alignment, consistency, and fidelity to programs and school design integral to school and student success.
  2. Thrive in a diverse, intellectually challenging environment where reflection and improvement of professional practice are regarded as hallmarks of individual and group growth and development.
  3. Believe all children – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, or home language – can achieve at high levels, AND believe that the teacher must actively engage students to make that happen. 
  4. Have knowledge of child cognitive, social, moral and ethical development as well as different learning styles and can implement this knowledge in a caring and collaborative community.
  5. Demonstrate competence using qualitative and quantitative data to inform instruction and to assess students’ progress over time. 
  6. Have the desire to work in a non-traditional school environment. 
  7. Are passionate about what Palouse Prairie has to offer staff, students, and families.

Why Teach at Palouse Prairie Charter School?

EL Education schools were founded on the ideals of Outward Bound and organize their curriculum around rigorous, multidisciplinary learning units called expeditions. Palouse Prairie faculty enjoy a high degree of autonomy and responsibility in all aspects of the school program, including team-teaching; caring for students; developing curriculum and standards; leading students in service on and off campus; experiential methods of learning in environments outside the classroom; participating in shared decision-making; and engaging in professional development.

About Our School:  PPCS, a public school chartered by the Idaho Public Charter School Commission, demonstrates 12 years of successful operation.  The school serves approximately 190 students K-8. PPCS was founded by a group of parents and educators seeking a model of education with a vision of using meaningful curriculum to create individuals who take their learning into the community and make a positive difference in the world.    We are located in Moscow, Idaho.  PPCS is an EL Education (formerly known as Expeditionary Learning) school rooted in effective teaching and learning practices as a means to ensure that all students are provided a rigorous curriculum embedded with components of strong character and service learning. The curriculum is organized around learning expeditions where collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork are integral to the school design.   Active pedagogy is supported by working with teaching partners and through a school culture that practices shared and distributive leadership, reflection, deep dialogue, meaningful social interactions and aligned professional development.  Equity and high expectations for every student are fostered through inquiry and project based learning; a safe, respectful and orderly community; adventure; service learning, civic responsibility, and engagement of families in the life of the school. To learn more about the school please visit and

Position open until filled.

Email cover letter and resume to

FTE:  .5-1.0


Placement on the Certified Staff Salary Schedule based on experience and education. 

Extensive on-site professional development delivered by EL Education school designers, and opportunities for off-site professional development opportunities at EL Education Institutes, Site Seminars, and Conferences (PPCS pays for courses, airfare, lodging, substitute teacher, and daily per diem)


Pursuant to Idaho Code 33-512(15), all first time employees of Palouse Prairie Charter School (PPCS) must submit to a criminal background check. PPCS  is an Equal Opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation in the education programs and activities it operates.

Eligibility Criteria.
1. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
2. Have successfully completed an Idaho State Department of Education background check & fingerprinting, at employee’s expense (PPCS will provide State Department of Education fingerprinting forms)
3. Prior experience in schools is preferred
4. Preference is given to substitute teachers who have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree

Selection Criteria.
Experience in an educational setting and/or training in an educational program

General Duties & Responsibilities.
1. Assume the responsibilities for instructing classes when a teacher is absent
2. Assumes responsibility for overseeing pupil behavior in class and during lunch and other regular activities.
3. Consult with the director before initiating any teaching or other procedures not specified in the lesson plan

Compensation. $95 per day

Availability. As Needed 
Substitute Application Packet

None at this time