We had a wonderful week in Second Grade and hope that you did too! Here are a few of our Learning Targets (LT) from the week and a little about what we did.


Morning Meeting:

LT: I can reflect on my learning.

  • Students read the story of the Magic Bow that taught them about making a goal and aiming for it. We related it back to learning targets and colored our own personal ones that they’ll use to reflect on their learning throughout the day.
  • Students reflected on how to be AWESOME crewmembers! Their ideas really impressed me.

*Ask your student how they can demonstrate CREW traits outside of school… at home or in the community!



LT: I can make meaning from a text.

LT: I can make connections in a text.

  • In small groups students read a difficult text and worked together to figure out what it was about. Then, as a group made a poster to teach the rest of the crew what their section was about.
  • Then, students did a gallery walk and studied each poster to figure out how all of the texts were related. They did a great job!

*Ask your student what they learned about downtown this week.



LT: I can determine whether one number is greater or less than another number.

  • Students spent a lot of time practicing determining the value of numbers and comparing those numbers.
  • They also worked on using place value and knowing 100 more, 100 less, 10 more, 10 less, etc.

*Quiz your student on comparing numbers.



LT: I can write using my best handwriting.

LT I can show engagement during ELA time.

  • Student practiced the letters: Ss, Vv, and Gg this week.
  • Students are doing during small group time! We are reading some books that they are very excited about!

*Ask your student to show you their letters in their BEST handwriting (encourage them to start their letters from the top if they aren’t doing so already).

*Have your student share a little about the books they are reading in class!


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