The last few weeks have flown by!  Here are a few of the AMAZING things we have done! Morning Meeting […]
This week was mixed up and we had some crazy things happen! Morning meeting: I wonder… We began this week […]
Hello Families! We had a busy week and Morning meeting: I can reflect of my adventure. I can show respect […]
Morning meeting: I can collaborate with my crew to develop a community agreement. I can identify what makes a high […]
Morning meeting: I can reflect on my learning and myself. This month’s Design Principle is Solitude and Reflection.  Students began […]
We had a busy week in second grade!  Here are just a few of our learning targets! Morning Meeting: I […]
I hope that everyone had a restful break!  Second Graders worked hard this week, I was very impressed with all […]
We had a wonderful week in Second Grade and hope that you did too! Here are a few of our […]
Hello families, I have been away from the classroom the last two days and have missed seeing your students! I’m […]