Hello Families! We had a busy week and

Morning meeting:

I can reflect of my adventure.

I can show respect for my classroom.

  • Students began the week reflecting on their adventure.  I love hearing about their experiences and how they overcame challenges.
  • We also did some deep cleaning of the classroom and worked to make our classroom a great learning environment.


I can brainstorm about scientists and the tools they need.

I can determine main ideas about a species of animals.

I can collaborate with a group to create a high quality poster about our species.

  • This week we began the first part of our new expedition by having a discussion about what scientist do and what tools they use.  I was highly impressed with the enthusiasm the second graders had. 
  • Next, we started looking at different species.  Students split up into expert groups to study one of five species and they created a poster to share with the crew.
  • Ask your student what species they studied and about some neat facts they learned.
  • Ask your student if they know what an ornithologist, ichthyologist, or herpetologist studies.


I can add and subtract within 200.

I can use the traditional algorithm to add or subtract within 200.

  • This week we began to practice the traditional algorithm for both addition and subtraction. Students are beginning to get the hang of it—but it’s hard.
  • We also practiced a lot math facts (written vertically).


I can spell grade level words accurately.

I can write sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.

  • This week we started looking closely at spelling patterns, our focus this week was words with the al sound as in ball.  Students spent time brainstorming words within our pattern, searching for words with the pattern, and practicing spelling. I look forward to watching them grow even more as spellers!
  • We also began looking at different types of words with a focus on different kinds of nouns (collective, proper, and common). Students sorted words into groups and then came up with very silly sentences.
  • Students will begin to have homework sent home regularly with a list of spelling words to study and homework.
  • Quiz your student on spelling al/alk words (like ball and walk)


  • Design Principle for the month: The Having of Wonderful Ideas
  • No school on Monday, February 17
  • Don’t forget to check the Quail Call for more important information:

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