This week was mixed up and we had some crazy things happen!

Morning meeting:

I wonder…

  • We began this week talking about wonder.  What does it mean to wonder? What do you wonder about?  I’m really enjoying learning about what these second graders wonder about!
  • Ask your student what are some of their wonders.


I am an ornithologist.

  • On Monday a creature appeared in the window while I was reading a story to the first and second graders.  The creature our needed help! It didn’t know what it was, where it would live, or what it needed to eat…and it was hungry.  After some discussion it was decided that it was a bird! 
  • Tuesday when we got to school the first grade room was blocked off and it said “ornithologists only” on the door.  Students wrote entry tickets that described how they were going to be ornithologists.
  • Wednesday and Thursday research began!  We started by asking students what they already knew about birds and what they wanted to know. Then, we discussed what it meant to be a researcher. 
  • Ask your student what made the creature a bird.


I can add and subtract within 200.

I can welcome new math strategies.

  • We continued our practice of the traditional algorithm this week.  Subtraction is still difficult but, they are getting better—there will be a lot more practice in the future. 
  • Students also learned some new strategies for addition this week!
  • Ask your child to show you the new addition strategy they learned.


I can spell grade level words accurately.

I can write using a complete sentence.

I can identify types of words.

  • The focus of the spelling pattern this week was words with the spelling pattern nk and ng. 
  • We also discussed different word types this week.  Students practiced with irregular nouns (such as children), verbs, and adjectives (they were VERY excited about adjectives).
  • Quiz your child on their spelling words for the week or, brainstorm other words that follow our pattern.

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