Morning meeting:

I can collaborate with my crew to develop a community agreement.

I can identify what makes a high quality spotlight.

  • This week we developed a community agreement for the rest of the year. 
  • Students also worked to create a strong understanding of what makes a great spotlight!
  • Consider making a family community agreement.


I can create a high quality final product.

  • Students have been working really hard on their sketches, and some are nearly done.
  • Students have also continued to work on their writing piece.


I can subtract within 200.

I can create a precise mathematical model.

  • This week students worked hard on developing a stronger understanding of subtraction. We also introduced the 100s place in their equations.
  • They were also introduced to the standard algorithm in relation to their models.  This is a very tricky concept and I appreciate all of their engagement!
  • Ask your student to model how to solve 126-48.


I can write a narrative, using details, about a given topic.

I can read and write cursive.

I can write using complete sentences.

  • We learned a few more cursive letters this week! C, N, M, and R.  I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the letters that students are producing.
  • Students also completed a writing assessment, writing to me about the seasons.  I really enjoyed reading each one!
  • Ask your students to write some cursive words for you using the letters: C, N, M, R, A, T, E, I, P, H.


  • No school on the following days:
    • Monday, January 20
    • Friday, January 25
    • Monday, January 27
  • Adventure: Friday, January 31. Nearly everyone has their climbing form signed and returned!  Even if you climb regularly we still need a signed form returned to school! Thank you. 

On Friday, January 31, Palouse Prairie is hosting a blood drive! Click the following link for more information.

PPCS Blood Drive


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