I hope that everyone had a restful break!  Second Graders worked hard this week, I was very impressed with all of their effort. 

Morning Meeting:

I am CREW.

  • Students wrote about themselves and their break on Monday.  Then on Tuesday, they had to sleuth out who had done what–it was a pretty fun game.  It was great to watch them get to know one another a little better.
  • We’ve also been working on what it means to be a CREW member and what that looks beyond the classroom.  Students have been describing to show the CREW traits outside of school.
  • Ask your child how they can be a crew member when you are grocery shopping, they have some pretty great ideas.


I can discover important information about the Kenworthy.

I can keep trying even when it’s hard.

  • This week students looked at the “National Register of Historic Places Continuation Sheet” for the Kenworthy.  This form helps a building become a part of the National Registration of Historical Places. We talked about how this form wasn’t written for second graders so they would need a lot of grit.
  • After breaking apart our learning target to figure out what important information to look for, students spent time extracting facts.  I was highly impressed with how many important details they found.
  • Ask your student to tell you about some of the important details they discovered!


Long Term Learning Targets:

I can add and subtract within 200.

I can create a precise mathematical model.

Weekly Learning Target:

I can use what I know about numbers to add and subtract.

  • This week we dove into our module on addition and subtraction. This week we have been focusing heavily on using what we already knew about numbers to add and subtract.
  • Students used their knowledge of tens and ones to add and subtract numbers.
  • Ask your student to teach you to play Sparkle.


I can use beautiful handwriting to create high quality letters.

I can spell grade level words accurately.

  • Students practiced writing the letters Aa, Tt, Hh, Nn, Cc, and Pp in D’Nealian (some of the letters have tails).  This will help us when we get into our study of cursive and will also help create some new great habits in their printing.
  • Students worked with the I vowel sounds.
  • Have your student show you their beautiful letters. 
  • I noticed this week that many of the students are unable to spell their last name and, some even have reversals of letters when they write their name.  Please encourage your child to practice writing their whole name in their best handwriting.

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