The last few weeks have flown by!  Here are a few of the AMAZING things we have done!

Morning Meeting

I wonder…

We have continued our discussion about wonder. What it makes us feel like and what we are wondering about.  Each student colored in the word wonder with how wondering made them feel, each one is very unique! I really love the wonder wall we have created and excited to see it when everyone is done.

I can be a social thinker.

We are lucky enough to have Ms. Dahlin join us for some mornings!  She’s working with students to develop social thinking skills and how to form strong relationships.


I can make close observations about adaptations of birds.

Working in small groups students are practicing making close observations about bird adaptations.  We’ve been focusing on the differences in beaks and feet.  I’m excited to see them continue to learn about how bird’s adaptations help them survive.


I can identify coins and their value.

Students have been working very hard on identifying coins, understanding their value, adding them together and making change with coins. 

This tends to be pretty difficult and is a great skill to practice with the family!


I can spell grade level words accurately.

I can write well-written sentences that uses details. 

We are continuing to practice spelling words weekly.  Please continue to help support your students in practicing their spelling. 

Students have also been practicing writing well written sentences and details based on a topic or picture.  This has been very difficult but students are starting to get the hang of it.  Encourage your student to describe what they see, in detail, when driving somewhere or looking at a picture, this will help them be able to write using details in the classroom!

Additional pictures of what we’ve been up to!


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