It has been a busy start to our new semester with ornithologists hard at work in 1st grade. Our expedition launched with a study of Kingdom Animalia and the 5 different classes of animals.

1st-grade ornithologists have been building their research skills through a study of penguins. Students have practiced making close observations, asking questions, using non-fiction text features, and using experts. Then they used these research skills to answer questions about how a penguins’ body’ helps them to survive. Ask your students to share some of the special adaptations that penguins have that help them survive!

Students will be using their research skills to continue to learn about different bird adaptations. We will be investigating different types of beaks, feathers, feet, body shapes that help birds survive in their different environments.

1st-grade mathematicians have been busy at work measuring the heights of different penguins. Mathematicians will practice comparing the heights and wingspans of different birds. We have also been learning strategies for addition problems within 50 and ways to clearly show our thinking. These busy mathematicians have also been practicing strategies for reading story problems closely in order to solve them accurately.


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