We had a busy week in second grade!  Here are just a few of our learning targets!

Morning Meeting:

I can do excellent things for others.

  • Our Design Principle for the month is Service and Compassion so, we have been looking at what it means to be of service and how to show compassion.
  • We also are going to begin to do weekly reflections.  Students will practice goal setting on Mondays then, we’ll be looking at them at the end of each week to reflect on their work.
  • Share ideas with your student of how they could be of service.


I identify the parts of a sentence.

I can write a high quality sentence.

  • This week we focused a lot of our learning about what makes a high quality sentence.
  • Students then used their knowledge of high quality sentences to write about the Kenworthy.
  • Write a sentence for your child (maybe forget the capitals or punctuation too) and see if they can correct it for you. They should also be able to identify the subject and predicate!


I can add and subtract within 200.

I can create a precise mathematical model.

I can use a place value chart to represent the traditional algorithm.

  • We have been focusing a lot on our place value charts!  Students are amazing at adding difficult numbers using this strategy. 
  • Students are learning about the traditional addition algorithm and matching it to their place value charts.
  • Have your child model, using a place value chart, how to add 56+35.


I can use my most beautiful handwriting.

I can spell grade level words accurately.

  • Students now have the letters a, t, n, r, v, h, f, i, g, c, s, m, and p that they have practiced writing.  I have been super impressed with their letters and(!) that there have been fewer backwards letter d!
  • Please continue to encourage your child to spell words accurately!
  • Have your student practice writing their last name in their best handwriting!  Also, we had a great time practicing making up words with the letters we practiced.  Quiz your child on spelling words like fig, pit, vim, cam, dir. 


  • No school next Friday!
  • With snow comes mud! Please consider sending your child to school with a pair of shoes to be worn inside (we’ll keep them clean and mud free).

If you have any questions please feel free to email me!


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