Hello families, I have been away from the classroom the last two days and have missed seeing your students! I’m hoping that they had a great couple of days. Below you will see some of the learning targets (LT) students have been working towards and some of the related tasks.


LT: I can appreciate others.

  • This week we spent a while learning about appreciations and how they make others feel and ourselves. 
    • Monday: We wrote thank you notes to the people that attended SLCs.
    • Tuesday: We appreciated each other.
    • Wednesday:  We appreciated the teachers and staff.
    • Thursday: Students wrote notes to two local Veterans for Veterans Day on Monday.

*Consider finding some way to appreciate someone as a family!


LT: I can make meaning from a text.

I can stay engaged and show grit when reading a difficult text.

  • Students read some very difficult texts meant for adults.
  • Everyone showed a TON of grit getting through them.
  • We are going to be making connections between a few different excerpts next week.

*Ask your student the different names Moscow has had!


I can create a precise mathematical model.

  • We are working hard on developing a strong understanding of place value.
  • Students are showing so much understanding of the place value chart, which is going to help so much going into addition and subtraction.

*Have your student model different numbers using a place value chart.


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