Greetings 5th Grade Families! We have just wrapped up the first case study of our 6th Mass Extinction Expedition: Biodiversity! […]
Today we used watercolors as a tool to explore Earth’s history! We spent Tuesday and Wednesday studying key past events, […]
Hi families! Well it may not have been McCall, but the Moscow snow was in fine form today and we […]
Only four days left until our winter break! Oh, how time flies! Some updates from our 5th grade classroom: We’ve spent […]
Greetings 5th grade families! I hope you all had a wonderful break! Our memoir gallery was featured at the University of […]
Hi all! I have some fun and exciting news about the work we’ve been doing with the Conversation Partner Program […]
Hi all! Welcome to the updated location for your latest and greatest in 5th grade news! We’d like to start […]