Morning Message:  

Happy second day of school.  Today we’ll be talking more about CREW.  C-Compassion, R-Respect, E-Engagement, W-Welcoming.  Hopefully we all think about CREW in what we do during the day, even when we’re not in front of each other.

September 9th Schedule:

8:40 CREW : Morning Meeting   Live Online Click here

??? CREW: Meet Dave Live In Person

9:15 My Learning Expedition: Tour Any Time Click here

9:30 My Learning Expedition: Journal Any Time Click here

10:00 Brain Break Any Time

10:15 PE: Enjoy the Sun Any Time

11:00 Math: Addition Poster Any Time Click here

11:45 Math:  Make 10 Lesson 2 Any Time Click here

12:00 Lunch/Recess Any Time

1:00 ELA: Leo Poem Any Time Click here

1:30 ELA:  Independent Reading Any Time Find your spot and read for 20-30 minutes

2:00 CREW: Smile Art Any Time Click here

2:40 CREW: Closing Circle Live Online Click here


Here’s the schedule of who I’ll see today: 

9:15 Jackson

10:00 Lauren

10:30 Logan

11:15 Henry

12:20 Luxana

1:05 Kiana

1:45 Solveig

2:20 Chase

3:00 Morgan

4:00 (but probably more like 4:30) Sandra


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