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Morning Message:  Synchronous means I want everyone to be on the zoom link if at all possible.  Synchronous recorded means […]
Morning Message: I have decided we need to focus on doing more activities that are interactive where our students get […]
Morning Message: If you missed yesterday’s Morning Meeting, we brainstormed some things we would want if we lost everything in […]
Morning Message: The wildfires have destroyed a town in the area. Today we start thinking about how we can help. […]
Morning Message:   Happy Friday.  Today will be a lot about choices.  During station times, I want at least one […]
Morning Message:   Happy second day of school.  We’ll be spending time on C – compassion today.  When you think […]
Morning Message:   Happy second day of school.  Today we’ll be talking more about CREW.  C-Compassion, R-Respect, E-Engagement, W-Welcoming.  Hopefully […]
Morning Message:   Welcome to 3rd Grade!  You get an amazing chance to watch your teacher fail a lot a […]