Morning Message:  Synchronous means I want everyone to be on the zoom link if at all possible.  Synchronous recorded means I want you to be there and I’ll record the lesson if you have to miss it.  Asynchronous means you can do it at any time that day.

If you want to work in a breakout room, sign in during support times and let me know.

8:40CREW – Morning MeetingSynchronousClick here
9:10Math – Group LessonAsynchronousDirections
9:10-9:40 Support
9:45Math – Menu ChoiceAsynchronousClick here
10:10PE – Kiana has a cool interactive video game that requires her to jump and run in place.  If anyone else has a good idea, please share it.Asynchronous
11:00Expedition – About MeAsynchronous (before 11:25)Directions
11:25Expedition – About MeSynchronous – RecordedRecording
1:00ELA – Napoleon Comic Work TimeAsynchronousDirections
1:10-1:40 Support
1:40ELA Choice MenuAsynchronousClick here
2:00CREW – Closing Circle
Sharing: Lena, Lauren, Charli, Jackson, Matilda
SynchronousClick here
2:15Independent StudyAsynchronousDirections
2:35Independent ReadingAsynchronous
3:00End of Day

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