Morning Message:

I have decided we need to focus on doing more activities that are interactive where our students get to talk back and forth (you can see how I’m making a lot of changes based on feedback and what I observe). Please keep giving feedback.

8:40CREW – Morning MeetingLive OnlineClick here
9:15Math – Place Value ModelAny TimeDirections
9:45ELA No Room for Napoleon ComicAny TimeDirections
10:45Clay ProjectAny TimeVideo part 1
Video part 2
Extra clay?  Make something else
Let the clay dry and give it to me next Wednesday
12:15Lunch/RecessAny Time
1:15PE – Do your best to stay sane and out of the smokeAny Time
1:45Raspberry SymphonyLive OnlineClick here
2:00Me ProjectAny TimeDirections
2:30Independent StudyAny TimeChoices
Choose typing or handwriting


I’ll be dropping off supplies today. Remember, I can’t stay long!


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