Morning Message:  

Welcome to 3rd Grade!  You get an amazing chance to watch your teacher fail a lot a the beginning of the year as I try to figure out how to best do online learning.  I hope you get the chance to watch me succeed too.


I will be driving by most of your homes today to drop off some supplies you’ll need and to say hello.  

September 8th Schedule:

TimeSubjectTitlePlatform/ LinkFlexible Time?
8:40CREWMorning MeetingZoomNo
???CREWMeet DateIn personNo
9:15My Learning ExpeidtionSet Up the SpaceYoutube Instructions
Offline work
9:45My Learning ExpeidtionLearning SurveyGoogle FormYes
10:15Brain BreakYes
10:30 PEEnjoy the SunYoutube instructions
Offline Work
11:15 MathAddition PosterYoutube instructions
Offline Work
11:45MathMake 10Youtube instructions
Offline Work
1:00ELALeo the Late Bloomer Read AloudYoutube instructions
Offline Work
1:30 ELAIndependent ReadingOffline WorkYes
2:00CREWSmile ComicOffline WorkYes
2:40CREWClosing CREWZoomNo

More Details

8:40 Morning Meeting

Learning TargetsDirections
I can follow classroom Zoom expectations
I can share about myself
I can learn about others
Click:  Zoom link

??? Meet Dave

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can give a quality COVID greetingI can make sure my teacher doesn’t talk too longAt some point, I’ll be coming over to your house to drop off supplies.  Give a quality COVID greeting (air 5, air hug, or air handshake), and make sure I don’t stay longer than 5 minutes so I can get on the road.

9:15 Set Up the Space

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can make my learning space as good as possible I can watch a video to follow instructionsWatch:

9:45 Learning Survey

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can share about myself I can type to the best of my abilityClick here

10:15 Brain Break, PE 

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can enjoy the sunGo outside.  Play.  Don’t look at a screen.

11:15 Addition Poster

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can explain to a 1st grader how to add two single digit numbers
I can make a rough draft poster
I can use my work folder properly and keep it organized
Click here for directions.
Use a piece of paper to write your rough draft poster
Save the poster in your work folder

11:45 Make 10

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can use the make 10 strategy for additionClick: Make 10 Sept 8 to access the page.  
If the directions on the page are confusing, I need to know.
Do not spend more than 15 minutes on this assignment.

12:00 Lunch/Recess

1:00 Leo the Late Bloomer

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can actively engage in youtube Read Alouds
I can show empathy to challenges characters face
I can use my work folder properly
Watch the youtube video:

1:30 Find the Spot

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can figure out the best place (or places) to readGrab a favorite book, a book you’re reading, or a book you want to readFind a place where you think it would be almost impossible to read and try to read for 3 minutesFind a better place to read and read for 3 minutes.  If you like your spot, keep reading.  If you don’t move on to a better spot until you do.Be ready to share your spot tomorrow.

2:00 Smile Comic

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can draw a comic to the best of my ability so that a reader can understand what I drew

I can decide whether I think I was successful or failed based on what I know about my best
From the list we made in Morning Meeting that appears below, pick something you might be successful at drawing.  Try and draw it on paper using pencil and eraser.

When you’re done, give yourself a thumbs up, sideways, or down based on how well you think your did.

Put your drawing in your red folder.

If you finish, try a different one

LIST: Legos, laughing babies, chickens, rabbits, gecko, Pokemon Evee (spelling?), when people clean up the environment, Minecraft, my baby sister, babies talking (baby sister), yawning dogs making squeaky sounds, someone else laughing, grandma’s cat jumping, my friends and family, other happy people, cat, funny cat videos, making other people laugh, cats fighting (play fighting), my kitten, cats trying to eat my feet, dogs trying to lick my feet, digging for kokanee when they hit the boat

2:40 Closing Crew

Learning TargetsInstructions
I can follow classroom Zoom expectations
I can actively participate in Closing CREW
Click:  Zoom link
Sharing today: Jackson, John, Logan, Matilda, Moira

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