Morning Message:  

Happy second day of school.  We’ll be spending time on C – compassion today.  When you think about Leo’s struggles, how could you show compassion by actually helping him?


8:40CREW – Morning MeetingLive OnlineClick here
???CREW – Meet DateLive In Person
9:10My Learning – Other SpacesAny Time OnlineClick here
9:40My Learning – Learning JournalAny Time OfflineClick here
10:10PE – Enjoy the SunAny Time Offline
10:55Brain BreakAny Time Offline
11:10Math – Finish PosterAny Time OfflineClick here
11:45Math – Problem SolvingAny Time OfflineClick here
1:00Leo the Late Bloomer – ActionAny Time Offline &  OnlineClick here
1:45Independent ReadingAny Time Offline
2:15SmilesAny Time Offline & OnlineClick here
2:40 CREW – Closing Circle
Sharing: Lena, Solveig
Live OnlineClick here


Here is the schedule of who I’ll see today:

9:15 Josie

9:55 Lena

10:35 Stanley

1:00 Moira


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