Teacher Work Day Friday, April 5 –  An Art Camp will be offered. Please contact the office to sign up. Cost is $20 per student, $10 for additional siblings.

Run the Palouse! Run the Palouse! is a yearly fundraiser to raise money for our Adventure Program. Kids get pledges of financial support from family, friends and neighbors to exercise the equivalent of 25 miles, and end the semester with a friendly race at Mountain View Park. By now your student should have brought home a yellow envelope with a pledge form on the outside and a mileage tracker inside. (If not, check the backpack!) The pledge form is where your student records her/his pledges. The mile tracker is for the student’s use only, to keep track of how much exercise he/she has completed. Money from pledges is placed in the envelope and returned to school. All students who return $20 or more by April 17 get a cool race shirt! Now is the time for students to be getting their pledges of support. Please encourage your student to get this done soon!

We Need Your Help!

We need your help raising funds for a few key items for our new school. Last year 10 PPCS families helped us raise over $7,000 by hosting small fundraisers. We are hoping to have 25 events scheduled this year.

  • Approach a local business you like and see if they offer a fundraising opportunity for local schools. Many do, like Jamms. Stay tuned for our PPCS Jamms Night in April!
  • Host a Dinner, Movie Night, Game Night, or childcare for a Parents’ Night Out, asking your guests to donate what they’d pay for an equivalent night out.
  • Offer a class in whatever particular skill you have and donate the proceeds to PPCS. Last year’s yoga class raised $500!
  • Organize PPCS students to host a car wash, mow lawns, host a bake sale, etc. this summer!
  • Talk with extended family and friends who support your students or education in general and send them this link: https://palouseprairieschool.org/future/

If you’re willing to host a fundraiser of some kind, please email tgardner@palouseprairieschool.org.

Bring us your boxes!  We’ll be needing a lot of boxes when it comes time to move. Please drop off boxes you don’t need at the school. They don’t even need to be broken down.

Last Day of school is May 29 – We do not need to make up any snow days. Phew!

Bi-annual Family Fun day – The WSU Biology Graduate Student Association will be hosting its bi-annual Family Fun Day at Phillips Farm Park (4709 US HWY 95, Viola, ID) Saturday, April 13 from 10am to 2pm. Activities will include amphibian catch and releases, plant identifications, bird watching and banding, insect collecting, wild yeast collections for baking, and much more!  This event is intended for all ages.


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