We have an amazing opportunity to install high-quality, durable, impact-safe and acoustic-absorbing flooring worth $50,000 for only $11,500 in our new school’s multipurpose room!

The What:

Due to the efforts of new PPCS parent Rusty Vineyard, Executive Director of UI Campus Recreation, Ecore Floors has offered to provide us with their Bounce 2 vulcanized composition rubber flooring at cost! That means that flooring and installation will be roughly $25,000. Our builder, Tom Golis has offered to match up to 50% of the total cost to help us take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity! After doing work recently for Staley Museum of Pullman, Tom suggested they ‘pay forward’ his labor costs to our school to help us get the flooring we need. PPCS recently received a check from Staley Museum for $1,000. So for only $11,500 more we can have the best possible flooring for our students’ safety and health!

Our school’s motto from the outset has been, “We are CREW, not passengers!” The generosity of people like Ecore Flooring, Golis Construction, and the Vineyard Family truly demonstrates what our motto means. We are so incredibly grateful for the gift of their time, energy and resources.

The Why:

Having the right flooring means that our physical education program is safe for the active learning and play that our students need to exercise their bodies and gain new physical skills. It will ensure a hygienic surface that can be cleaned properly — essential for a lunch room. It will be an attractive, warm, and welcoming space for community gatherings, including weekly community circle, book fairs, school dances, art camps, yoga and climbing club practices, game and movie nights, student Passages, and so much more. For more information about the flooring, check out this link.

The How:

Without the help of these generous donors, the cost of this flooring would have been out of our reach. As this item is not in our current budget, we need your help to raise the final sum necessary to take advantage of this opportunity. Here is what you can do:

  • Help us spread the word through word-of-mouth and social media.
  • Donate – no amount is too small. Just as many hands make light work, each of us giving what we can will help us reach our goal. Please note your donation is for flooring on the check or in an email.
  • Organize a small fundraiser. Last year 10 families hosting events helped us raise $7,000. Our goal is to see 25 small, individual fundraisers happen this year.

We’re spotlighting these parents for the Having of Wonderful Ideas to help us raise funds for the new school:

* Candace Magnuson is offering a free one hour massage in exchange for a $100 donation to PPCS. Ten lucky people can take advantage of this opportunity. Contact the office to take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Thank you Candace for this wonderful incentive to encourage folks to donate!

* Sarah Quallen partnered with Kamiak Coffee to sell coffee at our open house, raising over $230. In addition, Kamiak Coffee is creating a blend just for PPCS and will donate half the proceeds to our school! Keep a lookout for the opportunity to vote on a name for our unique blend and how you can order some for yourself online from our website. Thank you Sarah, everyone who made a coffee purchase, and to Kamiak Coffee for their generous partnership!

* Maria Marx is hosting a palette knife painting class and donating proceeds to PPCS. Stay tuned for details. Thank you Maria!

* Rose Clevenger will be organizing a middle school car wash this summer to raise funds for our new school. Look for those details as we get closer to the end of the school year. Thank you Rose!

* Holly Yeager will coordinate with Jamm’s Frozen Yogurt to sponsor a Palouse Prairie Charter School Night, where profits from the night’s proceeds will be donated to our school. Thank you Holly!

* Rusty & Marie Vineyard are organizing an all inclusive evening of Dodgeball @ U of I then heading downtown for dinner and drinks. Adult only event! Get your teams ready for an amazing evening of fun!! All proceeds from the evening will go directly to new playground equipment. Stay tuned for a flyer coming home for date and sign up opportunities. Thank you Marie & Rusty!

* Marie & Rusty are also partnering with newly founded Kamiak coffee to provide private cupping coffee events for Palouse Prairie. Events will be $20 per person, last approximately two hours, and be an amazing exclusive look into the coffee world! At the end of event, participants will be able to purchase Kamiak coffee to take home at a discounted price. All proceeds from the event and half of coffee sales will be donated to Palouse Prairie! Look for flyers coming home for dates.

As you can see, we are off to a good start. Please consider what you might have to offer to help us raise the funds we need to complete the dream of our new school building!


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