• Clip Boxtops: Watch for Boxtops for Education that are commonly on products like cereal and granola bars from brands like General Mills, Annie’s, and Larabar. They can also be found on a variety of other products from ziploc and garbage bags, to cleaning supplies, PaperMate pens and other foods. Simply clip the boxtops and deposit your collection in the designated box outside the office. If you’re really ambitious you can get the boxtop app that indicates bonuses available so you can earn even more for the school!
  • Amazon Smile: When making purchases on Amazon you can designate Palouse Prairie Educational Organization to receive a portion of the sale. Use this link https://smile.amazon.com, and then be sure you’re on this page each time you shop.
  • Schoola: Women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories that were purchased for $30 or more can be sent to Schoola at anytime to earn the school money and they pay for shipping! Simply box up your items, print out a shipping label and drop it in the mail.

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