The State Department of Education publishes online report cards for each public school and charter in Idaho. Palouse Prairie Charter […]
kids building a canoe
The story of a canoe and the confluence of cultures
Palouse Prairie is looking for volunteers to support Salad Bar Lunch, Wednesdays from 10:30 to 12:30. Please contact the office […]
Clip Boxtops: Watch for Boxtops for Education that are commonly on products like cereal and granola bars from brands like […]
As you attend adventures and fieldwork this fall please send photos taken to If you have a lot of […]
Parent volunteers are vital to the success of our school. If you have not yet submitted your email address to […]
Great blog post about our 8th grade students’ work! Shakespeare, Paper Cutting and an Expedition
We are so proud to be named a top performing school in the State of Idaho ranking above the 90th […]