I hope everyone has had a great start to 2019! I want to express my gratitude for the dedication of our staff, families and board to our school and students. School plays such an important role in the lives of our children–whether it is ensuring they have a safe place to learn, supporting their personal needs, providing new learning experiences, keeping track of their attendance or ensuring they are actively engaged in the learning.

As a school community, we are constantly re-evaluating policies to support our students and their needs. I would like to update you on a few policies that have been recently passed by the School Board to ensure students are safe and immersed in the educational environment required for their success in school and beyond. The policy changes are below. If you would like to read the full policy, you can click on the link.

Transportation Policy 8120

Responsibilities – Parents

Parents and guardians are responsible for picking their student up from the designated bus stop promptly. Bussing may be denied to any student whose parent or guardian is habitually tardy picking their student up from the bus stop. Habitually tardy is defined in this policy as being more than 15 minutes late more than 3 times in one semester.

Just a reminder that pickup time at PPCS is between 2:50-3:00 and pick-up at East City Park is from 3:00-3:05.

Lunch Policy 8245

Unpaid Meal Charges

When a student’s school meal account funds are exhausted, a student paying the full or reduced price for meals may charge no more than $40 to his or her school meal account. When a student lunch account reaches negative $40, the child will no longer be able to order hot lunches. The child will receive a choice lunch.

Attendance Policy 3050

Consequences of Truancy

Except in documented family emergencies or for medical reasons, when a child has received 10 total absences per semester his/her case will be reviewed at the next PPCS Board meeting. Parents will be invited to attend. The Director may refer the student to truancy court or the Board may choose to dis-enroll the student. If a student has more than 15 total absences during a school year, the student may not be eligible for promotion or may be dis-enrolled by the Board.

Notification of Absences: Attendance will be reviewed every two weeks. Parents/guardians will be notified by mail when their child’s absences have passed a threshold of 5 absences. After the threshold of 10 absences has been reached per semester, the family will be notified that the truancy case will be reviewed at the next board meeting. Parents will receive an invitation to attend.

Expulsion: A student enrolled in the Palouse Prairie Charter School who is a habitual truant may be expelled by the School Board in accordance with Idaho Code 33-205, following notice and hearing.


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