Through the expedition, Farm to Food, students sought out to answer the guiding question: “How do we feed ourselves and the world into the future?”  Students read the young adult version of Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan as an anchor text to learn about plants, what plants need, and to evaluate different food chains of the American food system. The learning focused on using PPCS’s hydroponic system to conduct scientific inquiry. They used conceptual models to describe the process of germination, photosynthesis, and nutrient cycling. Each year, students continue to build resources and present their learning on large platforms. Students have created a webinar that was viewed by over 150 people from the nation on the day it went live. They have also created a technical paper for the Farm to School National Network called, “Lettuce Show You! – Palouse Prairie Charter School’s Farm to School Hydroponic System.”

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