In the Fall of 2009, nineteen kindergarten students embarked on a semester long expedition called, “Feed from Seed.”  There were two components of this project; students learned about the characteristics of plants and they were involved in building a greenhouse for Palouse Prairie School.  The students collected 1500 2-liter bottles from the Moscow Recycling Center.  Washington State University Architecture students were integrated into the program as part of a service learning project.  The entire architecture class spent a day with the kindergarten students in building the walls of the greenhouse.  After completion of the greenhouse, students grew vegetables for Backyard Harvest, a local non-profit fresh food bank.  Students presented their produce to Backyard Harvest and the greenhouse will provide many opportunities for student engagement for the years to come. Volunteer opportunities: Palouse Prairie School -teaching children about planting and growing  teaching children about plants, gardening, farming, etc.


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