Student-Led Conferences are here!

Working together to improve communication and conversation about student achievement

What are student-led conferences?

Student-led conferences are formal conferences students lead for their parents or guests to display their schoolwork as well as discuss their learning.  To showcase their progress and achievements, students have selected (with teacher assistance) a collection of work from all areas of the curriculum for their portfolios.  Portfolios showcase students’ final products and commitment to CREW while celebrating the achievement of learning. Throughout the conference, you will notice teachers won’t be an active participate.  The teacher is the organizer and facilitator as needed, the student is the leader, and the parents/guardians are the partner in the learning experience. Parents/Guardians provide a meaningful audience which gives the students’ work importance and relevance.  Your biggest job is to LISTEN!   

Benefits of Student-led Conferences

The benefits of student-led conferences include increasing student motivation and responsibility of learning, meeting state standards, improving student and teacher accountability, involving parents, and CELEBRATING LEARNING!  It is crucial to have your involvement.

Reflection and Revision

Reflection and revision are not only at the heart of the work of our students, but also in the collaborative work of our teachers and families. Our intentions are to provide families a clear picture of their child’s social, emotional and academic achievements through parent-teacher check-ins, student-led conferences, parent meetings as needed, celebrations of learning and achievement reports.  Last month, during the parent survey, I received feedback about how we communicate student achievement.  I would like to gather more specific, kind, and helpful feedback from families about student-led conferences.  We will always continue to have student-led conferences, but we want to collect additional information about how we can improve communication related to student achievement.  Therefore, please fill out this short three question survey.

PPCS Winter Book Fair will take place Wednesday and Thursday, January 23 and 24 from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 3-4 p.m. and Friday, January 25 from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Book Fair will be held in the PPCS Multipurpose Room.

Teacher Work Day – NO SCHOOL ON JANUARY 25. Kindergarten through 5th grade Student Led Conferences will take place that day. Check BLOOMZ to schedule your time slot. Art Camp will also take place that day. Contact the office if you’d like to sign your child up.

Save the Date! The 2019 Moscow Elementary Science Fair will be held February 25-27. Sign up at by February 2.

Boy Scouts of America Troop for Girls! Now Organizing: Meetings will be held January 22, and 29 at the First Presbyterian Church of Moscow at 7 p.m. Contact for more information.


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