School-wide Play Date

Let’s get together to play, connect, and enjoy being outside while we still can next Saturday, October 14th from 1-3p at East City Park! Kids can bring the wheels they like to ride, balls or lawn games. Hope you can join us!

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Our teachers and staff are intensely devoted to our children, put in long hours, and work hard year-round in service of their education. They are certainly not getting rich by doing this so let’s show them our appreciation for all that they do!

One way to do this is to shower them with goodies! Here’s a Sign-up Genius link so you can pick a week in which you can drop off a treat at the school for teachers and staff to enjoy! (You will sign up for a Monday date, but drop off can be any day that week).

All yummy treats are always appreciated, but if you’d like some ideas, here are a few:

  • Veggies, crackers or chips with one dip or a selection of dips
  • Produce from your garden/orchard or the Farmer’s Market
  • A crock pot of soup and French bread
  • Bagels with jam or cream cheese, or other baked goods
  • Salads (green, pasta, Asian, Waldorf, Greek, Tabbouleh, Fruit, etc)
  • Yummy drinks, like flavored or unflavored fizzy water, juice, kombucha, teas, etc.
  • Trail mix, popcorn or chocolate

If you’d like to help spoil the teachers but prefer to do something other than food, how about:

  • Flowers or flower bulbs
  • Any homemade craft
  • Indulgent liquid soap for the staff bathroom
  • Lip balm

If you or your child(ren) would like to include a “thank you” or “We appreciate PPCS teachers and staff because…” card, that would be much appreciated! Nothing fancy—a simple hand-written card is so meaningful (signed or anonymous).

The Parent Crew is also developing another way for us to show our appreciation by helping teachers and staff stretch their paychecks a little further. We have a lot of talented parents at PPCS, and many of those parents offer their goods and services to the community as part of their professional lives. We’d like to build a discount package of those goods and services for each one of the 25 teachers/staff at PPCS.

If you’d like to participate, please create a coupon reflecting the discount you’d like to offer.  If you have a retail establishment, a discount coupon would work well.  If you offer a service, you could simply write your discount offer on the back of your business cards.  It need not be fancy.  Please set whatever kind of dollar amount or time limits are necessary to make it reasonable for you to manage and accommodate.  When you’ve completed this, just leave 25 coupons/cards at the front office, and we will build the packets for distribution.

We hope this will be a win/win for both the staff at PPCS and the parents participating. We’d like to receive the discount offers in the PPCS front office by October 20th.

Yearbook Photos

If you take photos during fieldwork, adventures, or other PPCS events please send the best ones uncropped to so that they can be part of a pool to be drawn from for creation of the yearbook. Please indicate in your email what grade and event is represented in your photos.


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