Hello Palouse Prairie Families,


Don’t Forget! Back to School Night is August 28th at Palouse Prairie School

5:30 Grades K-3 tour classrooms and meet the teacher

6:00 Schoolwide announcements in the PPCS Multipurpose Room

6:30-7:00 Grades 4-8 tour classrooms and meet the teacher

*Updated* Important Change at Bus Transfer Location

Parents are not allowed to pick up their children at the Moscow Middle School after school. Please pick your children up from Palouse Prairie rather than from the MS transfer location. Students who planned to ride to the MS then walk, will now be dropped off at the NW corner of East City Park. Only students who are transferring to another bus, participating in activities at the Middle School, or going to the Eggan Youth Center may ride the bus to the Middle School transfer location and disembark. Students going to the Eggan will be accompanied by an Americorps Aide.

Scheduling First Parent Crew Meeting and More 

Please take this short survey to help me determine the best time to schedule the first parent crew meeting. At this meeting we will be laying out our initial vision of what we would like to accomplish this year and how the group will function. I also want to communicate with the Parent Crew directly about Parent Crew activities through our own email but I can’t do that without all of you giving me your email address. You can do so by sending an email to ppcsparentcrew@gmail.com. Lastly I encourage you to join the Palouse Prairie Parent Crew Facebook group which provides a wider platform for discussion. We are already starting to plan our first event there. Thank you, Candace Magnuson!

Picking Up and Dropping off Students

Please arrive at the school by turning west onto W. Lathen St (at the south end of the block), then turn right onto Levick St. and approach the school from the south. Stop along the curb to allow a PPCS staff person to help students out of or into the car. Please have students sit on the curb side of the vehicle so that there is no need for students to walk in the street.

Parking is limited at PPCS. If you must park, please park on the street so that the PPCS staff can park in the lot. No parking is allowed on the east side of the street directly in front of the school or its parking area. Please be respectful of our neighbors by not parking in their lots or blocking their mail boxes.

Parents Ride to School Day is Monday, August 28

Ride to School Day is available for all kindergarten students and new students grades 1 through 3.  Call the Bus Garage at 208-882-3933 if you are interested.

Student Supply Donations $30-$50

To save families time and money, we purchase all student supplies through the school. This bulk ordering allows us to bring the cost down and save on packing materials. We request a donation of $30-$50 per student to cover the cost of providing all of your student’s personal school supplies. We appreciate your making a donation before the first day of school or at Back to School Night. *If the purchase of these supplies creates a hardship for your family, please contact the school’s Director. 

Free and Reduced Price Lunch Applications 

We ask all families who believe they are eligible, to fill out the Free and Reduced Price Lunch Application. Even if your child will not need a free or reduced lunch from the school, please fill out the form if you think you may be eligible. This application helps our school qualify for federal programs that support all our students.  

School Lunch Balances

If your child will be ordering school lunch, we would appreciate your putting a balance on their account before the school year begins and always maintaining a positive balance. You will receive by-weekly emails from SchoolDex, so please watch for those.

Immunization Records and Birth Certificates

All students must have immunization records or exemption forms, and birth certificates on file at PPCS before being able to attend class. Please make sure your child is up to date on their immunizations and that an updated immunization record and birth certificate are on file at the school. Seventh grade students must have records of their meningococcal and TDaP vaccines on file at the school before being able to attend class. Immunization exemption forms must be filled out each year and be on file before a student can attend class.

Before School Care

Before School Care is available for $50 per month and begins at 7:30. If interested please fill out the registration form.

Art Workshops 

Art Workshop for the 2017-2018 school year will be available on October 6, 25-27, November 17, January 25 & 26, March 9, April 6, and May 25. The workshops will run from 8:30 to 3 and will cost $20 per day and $10 for each child after the first. There is a 10% discount for those who registerand pay in full in advance. 


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