Greeting PPCS Parents,

We hope you’re enjoying the clear skies and not-sweltering temps in these last few weeks of summer before school starts up again. This is Sarah Deming and Jessica Bearman, your out-going Parent CREW co-chairs. Not gregarious out-going, but moving away from the Parent CREW side of the school (pursuing a masters degree and leading the development committee’s grant-writing, respectively). That means we’re here today asking YOU, fellow PPCS parents, to step up and grab the reigns of this established parent group that is truly the most laid-back PTA you’ll ever find. We’ve created a great framework over the past few years to minimize the meetings and streamline what needs doing. But we still need committed parents to continue our “Run the Palouse” spring fundraiser and make movie nights, school-wide BBQs and other fun events continue to happen.

The awesome Candace Magnuson has already created a FB group to help organize it all (join the Parent Crew FB Page) *and* she’s willing to help lead the group. Yay, Candace! But we also need:

  • One more parent will step forward and serve as co-chair alongside Candace. This largely entails leading alternate meetings, sending out emails, and following up on what others agreed to do.
  • ~25 parents to sign up for specific “task forces” of events/fundraisers that need dedicated support. You can choose tasks based on interest, skills, or which time of the year you have more availability.
  • As many parents as possible (the whole school?) to serve as “general” CREW members. At minimum this means you’ll be on the Parent CREW email list. At best we hope you can respond to calls for help and attend meetings as your schedule allows

Sign up for Parent Crew!

The first Parent CREW meeting will be scheduled and announced soon, after the new co-chairs create a calendar that suits their schedules. Join the FB group and add your name to the Parent CREW roster to make sure you don’t miss any important news!

For those new to the school, the Parent CREW is a more organized and efficient way to accomplish the tasks the school needs and the events the school community wants without the repeated heavy lifting of just a few parents.  We know you’re busy. We’re all busy!  But we pinky-promise that we’ve structured the Parent CREW for maximum efficiency, usefulness, and fun. Join us to meet great people, become even more invested in and connected to our school’s current work and potential, and create a richer community, thereby enhancing the experience of ALL PPCS students. “We are CREW, not passengers!”

Thanks for all that you do,
Sarah + Jessica


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