The Plugging into Sustainability expedition was focused on energy and our use of it. Our guiding question was, ‘What makes energy sustainable?’ For our first case study, Atoms and Energy, we learned about atoms, the periodic table of elements, atomic models, and isotopes. We learned conceptual models to describe atoms and looked at how atoms connect to energy. In our second case study, we examined ways to classify energy, such as potential as kinetic energy and we explored different forms of energy such as chemical, physical, elastic, sound, and radiant energy. In our third case study we learned about climate change and asked two questions: 1) what is the greenhouse gas effect; and 2) how does our use of energy contribute to climate change. For our final product, we evaluated our school’s energy efficiency by conducting an energy audit. We relied on experts from the University of Idaho Engineering Department and Avista Utilities. We examined how our school uses energy to evaluate our costs and considered ways to reduce our energy footprint. We prepared a slideshow to present our findings to school leaders and made recommendations to lower the school’s energy costs and consumption.