For our fall expedition, we investigated the meaning of freedom and equality, learned about the first groups of people to immigrate to the United States, and met with/interviewed international exchange students to learn more about their cultures. We also studied past and present social movements, discussed current challenges to equality, and discovered some of the ways that we (5th grade students in Moscow) can diversity within our community.

5th grade has been hard at work this spring with pencils, paintbrushes, and research! They have been exploring the scary but possible outcome of a sixth mass extinction. Together, they’ve investigated the importance of biodiversity in balancing a healthy planet, and learned about some of the threats plants and animals are facing.
The bad news is: there are a lot of threatened species. The good news is: we have discovered a lot of ways people can help, and we want to share them with you! To get your attention, we have created beautiful portraits of the species we want to teach you about. We are so excited to share the completed gallery with you