Celebrate Palouse Prairie Charter School’s Past and Contribute to Our Future

When Palouse Prairie opened its
doors in the fall of 2009, a class of
kindergarten students walked into their
very first classroom with wide eyes and
open hearts. This year, 2022, Palouse
Prairie Charter School’s very first CREW
of kindergarteners will graduate from
high school. To celebrate this landmark
moment, we caught up with some of
these students to discuss the impact of
their time at Palouse Prairie and their
plans for the future.

To Parents:
“Your PPCS student is going
into an educational
system where
their education, both
academically and socially,
are the soul purpose and
goal of the teachers, staff,
and programs”

To Students:
“The world is a lot bigger
than you think it is.”

Isaiah Murphy

Isaiah will be going to
college to study civil

Why Palouse Prairie Charter School?
Hear from our former students.

Madeline Schab
Isabella Taylor
Isaiah Murphy

PPCS had humble beginnings in a former furniture store building. Our building didn’t yet have real walls, but our school had a lot of joy and determination. We started out with classrooms for kindergarten through fifth grade, and about 70 students. Since then we’ve added a thriving middle school program, increased the population to approximately 200 students, purchased land, and built a new school. Through diligent emphasis on both joy and rigor in learning, PPCS has become a Top Performing school in the state of Idaho, and one of only 43 Credentialed EL schools in the nation. We consistently rank at the top of our region’s schools in terms of standardized test scores, despite never “teaching to the test.” Our students are known for being critical rigorous thinkers, persistent questioners, brave adventurers, compassionate citizens, and engaged community members.

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